Potomac Innovation in Micro Digital Fabrication Featured on Maryland Public Television

Innovation has become a buzzword, often used simply as a marketing communications tool, but here at Potomac, we’re immersed in innovation on a daily basis.

Since our founding in 1982 by Dr. C. Paul Christensen, Potomac has been on the cutting edge – pun intended – of micro digital fabrication starting with laser micromachining utilizing miniaturized ultraviolet lasers of our own design. Working on spatial scales in the micron range – an average hair is 75 microns in diameter! – forced our engineers, scientists, and designers to innovate in order to meet the needs of demanding customer jobs. That’s when innovation is more than just a buzzword.

Innovation also means bringing in the technologies that expand our capabilities to include all the solutions a project requires. In recent years, Potomac President and CEO, Mike Adelstein, recognized the need for additive manufacturing to complement subtractive manufacturing in our micro Digital Fabrication work. He brought in a high-resolution 3D Printer from industry leader 3D Systems Corporation and now 3D Printing is often combined with laser micromachining, micro-CNC machining and other subtractive processes to create truly innovative designs for our customers.

Potomac’s recent move to the [email protected] research and technology park has increased opportunities to collaborate with leading researchers in Biotech, MicroFluidics, medical devices, aerospace, and many other disciplines. Our innovative work miniaturizing devices is especially gratifying when we can impact quality of life especially in areas such as cancer treatment.

Maryland Public Television recognized the power of Potomac’s Micro Digital Fabrication work and recently featured the company and our projects in a segment of Direct Connection with Jeff Salkin.

Here’s the link to the video showing Potomac innovation in action:

Potomac Innovation Featured on Maryland Public Television