Micro Laser Welding

”Lasers are an excellent source to achieve high quality continuous welds with very smooth spatter-free surfaces.”

Potomac Photonics has developed novel Micro Welding technologies for prototyping and production applications.

Welding micro parts requires a much greater degree of control than conventional welding applications in order to prevent over penetrating and damaging the substrates.

Potomac has developed capability to laser weld all types of materials including polymers.  For microfluidic parts, clear to clear welding is possible with extreme accuracy.  We also have the capability to laser weld clear to opaque material as well.  

Key considerations when choosing the appropriate laser source to use for micro welding includes beam quality /spot size, output power stability, and material to be welded.

Fixturing is crucial to achieving a successful micro weld.  Potomac Photonics has extensive experience designing and building fixtures to hold the most challenging micro parts.

Heat Conduction Welding is when the substrate material is heated above the melting temperature without melting.  This process is optimal for welding thin materials and wires.

Keyhole Welding is when the substrate is heated above the vaporization temperature and a keyhole is formed.  This process is optimal for deeper penetration welds.

Once the laser welding process is qualified for a specific application, it can be automated for high volume production.

Potomac has in-house capability to laser weld metals and plastics for prototyping and production projects.

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