Small Hole Drilling

Small Holes for Backlighting Application
Small Holes for Backlighting Application

If you are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to get small holes drilled in almost any substrate, you have come to the right place. Potomac Photonics has the capability to drill precision microholes as small as 1 micron with submicron positional tolerances in a variety of materials such as polymer, metals, ceramics and glass.  Our Engineers will work closely with you to fully understand the requirements for your micro-holes (eg. materials, part thickness, desired feature geometries, taper, etc.) and recommend a process that will satisfy both your prototyping and production needs.

We have extensive experience partnering with Medical Device, Biotech, Electronics and Alternative Energy (solar) companies to help them develop processes to meet some of the most difficult micro-hole drilling requirements in their respective industries.

Applications such as leak testing, probe card drilling, disposable biotech products, and microholes for catheters are just some of the thousands of microhole drilling projects that we have successfully completed.

In addition to laser systems, we have micro-CNC and micro-drilling systems that are capable of drilling micro holes through extremely thick substrates with high precision.

Array of Micro Holes in Silicon Nitride.
Array of Micro Holes in Silicon Nitride.

Potomac has some of the most advanced microhole drilling capabilities available including:

  • Microholes from 1 micron to large diameter holes
  • The ability drill microholes in almost any material.
  • Angled and shaped holes
  • High speed drilling processes
  • Material thicknesses from very thin films to several mm’s.
  • Multi-axis microhole drilling systems
  • Rapid turnaround on prototyping and production projects.

Materials include:

  • Microhole drilling in polymer films and tubes
  • Microhole drilling metal sheets and tubes
  • Microhole drilling in ceramic
  • Microhole drilling in silicon wafers
  • Microhole drilling in diamond
  • Microhole drilling in glass
  • Microhole drilling in transparent materials
  • Microhole drilling in PCB
Small hole drilling in almost any material or configuration.
Small hole drilling in almost any material or configuration.

Specific Microhole Drilling Applications include:

  • Microhole drilling for probe cards
  • Pinholes for photographic applications
  • Leak test holes
  • Catheter hole drilling
  • Fuel injection components
  • Optical fiber alignment
  • Ink jet printer nozzles
  • Fuel cells
  • Inhaler products
  • Nebulizers
  • Via hole drilling
  • Micro Drilling biotech devices
  • Calibrated flow holes
Small Hole Drilling in Polyimide
Small Hole Drilling in Polyimide

We have a full range of small hole drilling capabilities and are continually developing new ones.

In addition our high precision motion system can achieve extremely tight pitch and positional tolerances.

We can provide rapid turnaround on prototyping projects and have the facilities to run large production projects.

We also carry or can procure many materials quickly from our list of qualified suppliers.

Please see some of the examples of the small holes that we have drilled at: Microhole Drilling

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