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We are your one stop shop for taking your products from prototyping to a total success high volume production.

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  • The resolution of this 3D printer was much higher than what we had in our onsite lab. Working with tolerances in the 1 – 2 thousandths range gave us the parameters we needed to fulfill the design requirement. . . 3D printing can’t always do everything we need, but it is a great tool and has solved some tough problems in our project.

    – Marton Varady, CryoPop’s Project Manager
  • We are developing a robotic capsule endoscope which is capable of mobility within the gastrointestinal tract. . . Potomac Photonics produces micro-drilled polyimide sheets that we use as molds to fabricate the micro-patterned polymers. . .

    – Levin Sliker, Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Potomac Photonics expertise and expediency enabled us to both deliver our flight unit calorimeter spectrometer insert on schedule and the opportunity to test in advance our proposed alignment method in Japan.

    – Meng Chiao, NASA
  • Thank you so much for helping us with our hummingbird tools. I can’t tell you how much people appreciate the precision of the Tarsus Gauge you all made for us. I just sent some gauges down to Costa Rica and Argentina for researchers there and they are thrilled to be better able to precisely measure and fit bands to their tropical species.

    – Lee Rogers, Hummingbird Monitoring Network