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”Precision Laser Cutting & Marking Services”

Potomac has a wide range of precision laser cutting and laser marking technologies that can add clean, crisp marks onto your products that are made of virtually any material.  These include metals such as stainless steel, gold, aluminum, silver or platinum, as well as glass, organic polymers, plastics, ceramics, and even diamonds or gemstones.

Laser marks are also indelible, add no contamination from inks or solvents and are difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate.  Potomac’s unique capability to repeatably create spot sizes as small as 1 micron, allows small products such as medical devices or micro-electronics components to be directly marked rather than depending upon paper labels.

The power of 2-D code formats is just being realized.  Clever applications of new QR Codes on marketing materials such as ads or brochures are driven by the ease of linking complex information directly to a smart phone just by scanning a QR Code. The process takes all of a few seconds and can link to a URL, phone number, video or other text message.

No wonder QR stands for Quick Response!

Potomac’s ability to mark any substrate expands the possibilities for use of QR Codes for both internal and external company needs.  Instructions and information can be accessed with a simple smart phone scan directly from any product.  Smaller codes are also possible.  While Micro QR Codes contain less information than a 1″ square minimum size standard code, the data quantity is usually sufficient to link to a URL.

Unlike dot-matrix lasers, Potomac’s precision laser cutting and laser marking technology uses a fast direct write process that creates curved lines and shapes—perfect for logos or Kanji characters.  The Potomac logo above is micro-machined directly into stainless steel and measures just a few hundred microns.

Potomac offers generous incentives to our customers that are having their parts fabricated by us and would like them to be marked as well.

Potomac has helped solve laser marking problems in a wide variety of industries:

  • Laser marking biotech products
  • Laser marking medical devices for quality control tracking
  • Micromarking miniature biotech and electronics devices
  • Laser marking consumer products with logos for brand identity programs
  • Laser engraving diamonds and gemstones
  • Laser marking wafers and glass panels for calibration
  • Covert micromarking for defense application
  • Laser marking high value products for anti-counterfeiting
  • Laser coding onto food product containers such as PET

Need additional micro-fabrication?
Potomac offers generous incentives to our customers that combine laser marking with other micro-fabrication processes.

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