3D Printing is a hot topic in manufacturing these days, and with more than 30 years experience in digital fabrication Potomac is a strong choice for all your 3D Printing needs. Potomac’s Digital Fabrication strengths that carry over to 3D Printing include key aspects of the total manufacturing process including the translation of a CAD file to machine code to drive the specific machine tool.

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3D Printing Applications


Potomac’s facility houses high-resolution professional 3D Printers that offer as low as 16-micron layer thickness. With this precision, we can 3D Print small parts with tight tolerances. We have access to production in a variety of materials, including bio-compatible materials that can be sterilized for implantable medical devices.

Like all other digital fabrication, such as laser micromachining, one of the biggest challenges in 3D Printing is the ability to convert a computer-aided-design or CAD file to the machine that is going to make the part. Whether adding material as in 3D Printing, or taking away material as in laser micromachining or micro hole drilling, the CAD-Machine interface is critical to successfully manufacturing a part.

In addition, we understand the concept of Design for Manufacturing, and more importantly, Design for the Specific Process or Machine.


Unlike the Star Trek Replicator, 3D Printers often produce parts that require some degree of post-processing. Potomac has the equipment, processes, and know-how in-house to post-process parts quickly and economically.

Potomac is committed to quality. We’ve achieved ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications. For over 30 years we have run production jobs with tolerances as tight as +/- ½ micron for the most demanding customers in industry. We have also partnered with innovators and inventors to help produce prototypes that are sure to work in the final design.

For larger production runs, Potomac can 3D Print a mold of your part and replicate in-house. It’s a one-stop solution for accurately producing quality parts quickly.

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