Kapton – Polyimide

Potomac Photonics is the leader for processing precision Kapton parts. Upload your file to our InstaQuote App and have parts within a day or two….

If you need custom parts made from Dupont Kapton (polyimide) you have come to the right place.

Laser Micromachining of Kapton Polyimide

DuPont Kapton polyimide films are among the most versatile materials available and are extensively used in industries such as medical, biotech, aerospace, automotive, and photovoltaics.  For over 30-years, Potomac Photonics has micromachined Kapton polyimide films and has developed an expertise that is second to none for fabricating complex and simple parts alike on a prototyping or production basis.  Our technology can machine (hole drilling, cutting, etc.) every type of Kapton polyimide material including:

  • Kapton HN
  • Kapton FN
  • Kapton FCR
  • Kapton CR
  • Kapton HPP-ST
  • Kapton PV
  • Kapton EN
  • Cirlex
  • Vespel
  • Many more…..

Potomac stocks Kapton HN film (0.001″, 0.003″ and 0.005″ thicknesses) and can provide 24 hour turnaround on custom prototype parts.

Our capabilities include laser micromachining of micro-holes, blind holes, channels, complex shapes, washers and patterning.

Precise channels can also be milled into Kapton polyimide and filled with conductive pastes and/or nano-materials.

Call us or send us your drawing today to discuss:  If you want to place an immediate order, please upload your drawing to our InstaQuote app.

  • Laser Micromachining Polyimide
  • Laser Hole Drilling Polyimide
  • Laser Cutting Polyimide
  • Laser Patterning of Metalized Polyimide
  • Many more……

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