We are committed to being a world leader in micro manufacturing.

To achieve these goals, we will:

  • Meet all requirements of ISO 13485:2016 along with all applicable statutory and implied national and international standards
  • Achieve all of our quality objectives as set forth by Management
  • Maintain the awareness and competency of our employees
  • Continually improve our processes and products while maintaining the safety and efficacy of our devices.

Our Objectives

  • Effectively utilize our resources to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering products that meet specification, within the stated lead-time and at the promised price.
  • Make continual improvement of products, processes and systems an objective for every individual in the organization
  • Implement novel technologies and cost effective processes that deliver consistent and predictable results in order to speed up the development cycle of our customers’ products and provide them with a competitive edge.
  • Partner with our suppliers to improve the speed and flexibility in responding to our customers’ needs.