Leader in leak test hole for Pharmaceutical Applications

At Thanksgiving Potomac would like to pause and express our thanks for the many aspects of our contract manufacturing business that contribute to our success, while we also provide humanity with the latest innovations in healthcare, cancer screening, POC diagnostics, medical devices, personalized medicine, microelectronics and other advanced technologies.  2017 is an especially exciting time to be working in manufacturing.  New advanced manufacturing tools now have the reliability and consistency to integrate onto the factory floor, expanding our core competencies to meet customer needs faster.

New solid-state options, such as fiber lasers, are available with the high power and good beam quality needed for fast processing speeds of silicon, plastics, ceramics, and metals. Having a wide range of the latest lasers in-house allows Potomac to always have the right wavelength for the job.  We cover the entire spectrum through to the short ultraviolet region at 248 and 193 nm with our specialized Excimer laser systems for processing the maximum range of materials possible.

3D Printing is quickly becoming a reliable tool on the factory floor.  While we do use the additive manufacturing process to create parts, we can also 3D Print fixtures for laser and CNC micro-machining.  Often we combine 3D Printing with other technologies for optimal processing results when one piece of equipment cannot meet all requirements.

Complex microfluidic device with integrated sensors.

Microfluidics is a technology that has been around for many years and is now coming into its own as an important platform for chemical analysis, point-of-care disease diagnosis, personalized medicine fabrication and environmental toxin identification.  We combine Potomac’s unique micro-fabrication techniques that can create channels as small as 13 microns wide with sophisticated molding, bonding and microelectronics processes in order to assemble and deliver complete microfluidic devices to our customers.  The use of these small yet complex tools in healthcare gives more accurate diagnosis quickly, advancing the treatment and recovery of countless patients.  We are thankful that the work we do has real impact on people’s lives!

Of course, it is our team of dedicated, engaged people for which we are most grateful. Without them, none of our success would be possible.  From our laser, CNC and 3D Printing operators and technicians to our process development engineers, and our quality control team to our finance and shipping staff, we are thankful again this year for all the people who make manufacturing innovation possible at Potomac!