• Potomac Photonics
  • September 30, 2021

Potomac Recognizes National Manufacturing Day

Potomac Recognizes National Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of this nation, providing good-paying jobs that built a strong middle class.  Today’s advanced manufacturing, like work we carry out at Potomac for biotech, microfluidics, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, medical device, and consumer products, does not resemble the industry from Henry Ford’s time.  Almost a century later, manufacturing is a high tech endeavor that utilizes the latest technologies.

Frontline workers in New York wearing Potomac PPE.

Our factory floor contains a wealth of sophisticated tools, giving us a toolbox that can solve the most complex customer problems.  Laser and CNC machines carry out subtractive micro-manufacturing processes, removing as little as a micron of material at a time for ultra-high precision requirements.  3D Printers add material to quickly create prototypes and drive product innovation with reduced time to market.

Replication tools like micro-molding and SU-8 photolithography also add high volume production capabilities to the factory floor.  With the tight tolerances required for these products, software combines with advanced microscopy to take Quality Assurance to a new level.

Every day we get to go to work and play with the cutting edge of fabrication tools.  But more importantly we help advance the quality of life for all mankind.  During Covid we pivoted and built tens of thousands of face shields for front line workers and hospital staff, who were working non-stop to save lives. We have manufactured medical devices like coronary stents and microfluidic devices that are at the frontier of healthcare point-of-care diagnostics.  Our work is engaging but also gratifying for its impact.

Friday October 1, the nation celebrates Manufacturing Day and we’re excited to join the Manufacturing Institute, NIST, and the National Association of Manufacturers in recognizing the many American workers that create all the products we use in everyday life.





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