• Potomac Photonics
  • June 11, 2022

Potomac Photonics Takes Prototyping Beyond Rapid

Potomac Photonics Takes Prototyping Beyond Rapid

Laser micro machining of metal

Rapid prototyping of new products is only successful if the rapid part of the term is met. With the internet available on multiple fast platforms, split-second delivery systems, and demands for instant gratification, companies in biotech, microfluidics, micro-electronics and consumer products can’t wait for a long prototyping process.  They need prototypes, well, rapidly!

A leader in technology innovation, Potomac has put significant R&D investment of time and dollars to take prototyping beyond rapid in order to help customers get to market faster with products ready for success. Our R&D advancements have increased fabrication speed so that delivery of prototypes allows for fastest turnaround in the industry.

Potomac’s advanced manufacturing teams have developed ingenious ways to combine micro-laser and CNC machining, develop new fast bonding techniques, and added 3D Printing methods. These tools provide an exponentially inventive way to turn parts around quickly, improving engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs’ ability to quickly iterate a design until the part is perfect for market introduction.

Over the years, Potomac has worked with thousands of customers to iterate designs so our team knows the right questions to ask to avoid prototype fabrication delays.  We also have seen most every manufacturing scenario, giving us an edge in recommending the best solution for a project.

Most importantly, Potomac doesn’t just build first stage models.  We understand best practices for taking a part from prototype to production, so we can save time in both the rapid prototyping stage and in moving to high volume production. Our Design for Manufacturing skills have resulted in many customers quickly transitioning manufacturing stages with no need for lengthy product re-designs.

For startups, true rapid prototyping means meeting investor and board of director milestones to keep moving forward toward launch deadlines. Meeting funding goals are essential to succeed for small businesses and demonstrating proof of principle through functional prototypes is an essential element of life for startups.

Today’s warp-speed world requires prototyping beyond rapid and Potomac is excited to lead the way in innovating faster, higher quality, and more manufacturing-ready methods to bring success to our customers.








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