3dsystemsWith a world-class Digital Fabrication facility, Potomac has been a 3D Systems 3D Printer reseller with an unparalleled depth of application understanding. For over 30 years, we have manufactured micro-scale devices for the microelectronics, sensor, microfluidics, medical device, consumer products, and education markets.

In reality, we have just about seen it all when it comes to making small parts and that expertise allows us to share real-world knowledge with anyone thinking about purchasing a 3D Printer. Now, we are further building our commitment to Potomac customers by expanding our 3D Printing service capabilities.   John Ford, Potomac Engineer recently completed a comprehensive 3D Systems Factory Training on key 3D Printers in the ProJet product line.

These machines are high resolution, production workhorses and for any business that relies upon uptime, it’s important to be able know that a re-seller can provide quick, efficient service support. Potomac is now better equipped than ever to do just that!

“It was an intense, hands-on training,” noted John. “In addition to unboxing and installing the 3D Printer to meet certain specifications, we also went through the process of removing and then re-installing key parts.” Troubleshooting was also part of the weeklong program.

To qualify for the course, attendees had to go through an online course, and pass a series of quizzes. John added, “this allowed us to start the training with a foundation of knowledge that assured that all students had a basic understanding so that we could go on to far more complex topics and more advanced service work.” The level of expertise from a factory-trained technician far exceeds the basic service instructions 3D Systems is able to provide for customers. And, of course, these professionals deal with the inner workings of the 3D printer, including the internal computer, on a daily basis.

Although 3D Printers are increasingly reliable, preventative maintenance is important for optimal performance just as for your car or truck. Maintenance programs can extend the life of a machine, improve reliability, and ensure that optimal print parameters are consistently met.

Interestingly, John also gained some insights on the new ProJet 3500 series printers. “I was really struck by how the Material Delivery Module on the 3500 made the entire system easier to use. It is far more user friendly, and can realize time savings in operation and maintenance. Actually, the entire machine design is beautiful like an iPhone that is cool and intuitive.”

To learn how you can save time and money by keeping your 3D Systems printers up and running with optimal performance, contact Potomac about our service programs.