Avi ReichentalAfter 30 years on the DC Beltway, Potomac’s upcoming move to the [email protected] Research and Technology Park in Baltimore is a big change for us.  We’re expanding both in terms of space and facilities, but also broadening our manufacturing reach to position our microfabrication company for the Next Industrial Revolution.  The new location in the midst of an energetic high tech community gives us unprecedented collaboration opportunities with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, as well as facilities for workshops, conferences and educational outreach, all within a few miles of BWI Airport and the BWI Amtrak station.

To celebrate Potomac’s expanded role in the new manufacturing world, we are hosting a Digital Fabrication Summit on May 6 in collaboration with the non-profit FabLab Hub.  Leaders from 3D Printing, digital fabrication, FabLabs, higher education, and community development will share their vision of Digital Fabrication’s impact on the world, and give us a glimpse of where it’s all headed.

We’re especially excited that the keynote address, “Manufacturing the Future”, will be delivered by 3D Systems Corporation CEO Avi Reichental. 3D Systems was a pioneer in 3D Printing since their founding by Chuck Hull in 1983.  Mr. Reichental has been responsible for the dramatic shift from a technology for specialized applications to tools for mainstream markets.  Potomac is an authorized 3D Systems equipment re-seller and service provider.  The new Baltimore location will feature a 3D Systems 3D Printer equipment showcase.

Dr. Neil Gershenfeld, Director of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms and founder of the FabLab concept, will speak about the broad implications of Digital Fabrication for society.   Kegan Fisher, founder of Sols, will describe her experience as Director of Industrial Engineering and Operations at Shapeways in New York where she built the Factory of the Future. Ellen Hemmerly, Executive Director of the [email protected] Research and Technology will speak about the university’s commitment to science and engineering excellence designed to prepare students for the 21st century workplace.

 Potomac is bringing 30 years of expertise and collaboration opportunities to the UMBC Campus. President and CEO Mike Adelstein, will lead a tour of the Center, where Dr. C. Paul Christensen, a pioneer in excimer laser technology, will speak on the developments he has seen in Digital Fabrication since founding the company in 1983.

We expect that the Digital Fabrication Summit will shed light on the power and challenges of new technologies that are shaping the world today.