Facilities Matrix

EquipmentMaterialsFeature SizesApplicationsExamples
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Excimer Lasers
(193nm and 248nm)
Polymers, Thin FilmsAs small as one micronCutting, Patterning, Channels, Hole Drilling, MarkingLaser cutting of window in PEEK tubing
UV DPSS Lasers (266nm, 355nm)Polymers, Metal Films, Foils, Ceramics, Silicon WafersAs small as 2 micronsHigh speed Cutting, Drilling, Patterning, ChannelsVia hole drilling
Frequency Doubled YAG Lasers (532nm)
Metals, CeramicAs small as 50 micronsCutting, Drilling, Marking60um channels in copper substrate
YAG Lasers
Metals, Ceramic, Sapphire
As small as 25 micronsCutting, Hole DrillingLaser cut stent
Fiber LaserMetals, CeramicsAs small as 5 micronsCutting, Drilling, WeldingWeld at end of tube
Micro-CNCMetals, Ceramics, PolymersAs small as 100 micronsDrilling, Milling, 3D machining.
3D PrinterAcrylic As small as 100 micronsRapid prototyping
CO2 LaserPolymers, Wood, Paper, ClothAs small as 150 micronsCutting, Drilling, Marking
Laser Marking SystemMetalAs small as 100 microns