• Potomac Photonics
  • November 02, 2021

Potomac’s Great Customer Service for Animal House Fitness

Potomac’s Great Customer Service for Animal House Fitness

Expedites Personalized Product for Joe Rogan

Laser marking Joe Rogan on Animal House MonkeyFeet.

No matter how great a product or service may be, it is flawless execution at all levels that wins customers.  That’s just what we did to help Animal House Fitness create a laser engraved personalized product for their Monkey Feet fan Joe Rogan.

Monkey Feet Invention

Rehabbing from a torn ACL is no small feat.  It takes long hours of exercise to rebuild muscle supporting one of the essential ligaments that hold the knee in place.  Mixed martial artist Evan Gubera was recovering from an ACL tear and trying to gain back strength and flexibility at the gym.  But at prime times, available leg machines were hard to find.  Not so for dumbbells!  So, Evan thought: “why not dumbbells for legs, not just arms, that are small, strong, light, and easy to take on and off”?  After partnering with product design engineer Paul Jackson, Monkey Feet, a name that plays upon the primate’s ability to use their feet like hands, was born. 

Joe Rogan Connection

Sales were good as you might imagine for a cool innovation in the fitness space and then enter Joe Rogan.  The podcast star discovered Monkey Feet through Ben Patrick on Instagram and mentioned the product online.  As Evan puts it, “That’s when sales went through the roof.”  Evan wanted to thank Rogan for his support but he wondered, “what do you get the guy who has everything?  Then it hit me: a personalized set of Monkey Feet with the Rogan logo engraved on them!”

Finding a Laser Engraving Vendor

Like anyone in the Internet Age, Evan took to online searching for a laser engraving vendor and Potomac beat all other companies to the punch [pun intended!] in responding.  Evan found Potomac was first to respond and consistent in all aspects of customer service with a very easy to navigate website.

“But Potomac also did a test run on our Nylon part,” expands Evan, “and it was perfect! The clarity of the logo came through on the Monkey Foot with high contrast.  Only one sample was needed to move ahead with our Joe Rogan Thank You present!”

Technical Edge

While many laser engraving shops use CO2 lasers, Potomac comes from a long lineage of laser inventors, and we’ve put those decades of expertise to work expanding IR laser capabilities.  We’ve built laser systems from the ground – up and have [dare we say!] improved commercial systems to exceed customer expectations.  We have machines with the best beam quality and precision in the industry that are in-house solving real-world problems for customers like Animal House Fitness.

Joe Rogan, we hope you love your Monkey Feet!


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