Mike Davis

Vice President - Manufacturing

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Mike arrived on Potomac’s doorstep with his B.A. in English in hand to begin what has become quite an adventure. As a Sales and Marketing Administrator, he helped to bring in business for what was then a fledgling contract manufacturing group at Potomac. Within a year, it became clear that this venture was growing faster than anyone had anticipated. To further contribute, Mike began building a Quality System. Soon he, through the Maryland ISO Consortium, became a certified Lead Assessor. Taking this knowledge and experience, he developed and implemented Potomac’s ISO Quality Management System and led them to successful ISO 9001:2000 certification in January of 2004. To things a step further, Mike then led Potomac to ISO 13485:2003 certification a few short years later. Understanding all along that to truly contribute to complete quality he had to completely understand all of the technology and what went into it, Mike studied and became very proficient with Potomac’s laser technologies. Eventually, he reached the point where he was assembling some of the production laser systems, creating programs, developing customer applications in R&D and production, and training all of the technicians. So, in the natural progression of things, Mike moved into the role of Director of Operations for Potomac. His next challenge? Well, as Potomac begins to head in this exciting, new direction, he will be tasked with updating and upgrading Potomac’s facility to make it a leading edge micro manufacturing facility. When not assaulting innocent polymers with laser beams, Mike hangs out with his family, engages in a variety of sports, enjoys nice micro-brews, and, every now and then, escapes to Canada to get away from it all.