Potomac Expands 3D Printing Service Capabilities to Include Technical Support for 3D Systems 3D Printers

3DsystemsMay 23, 2014, Baltimore, MD: 3D Systems Corporation authorized reseller, Potomac Photonics, Inc. announces expansion of their 3D Printing product offerings. In addition to supplying professional, production, and educational 3D Printers manufactured by the industry leader, the Digital Fabrication company is expanding their maintenance and service contracts in support of 3D Systems machines.

With a world-class Digital Fabrication facility, Potomac has been a 3D Systems 3D Printer reseller with an unparalleled depth of application understanding. For over 30 years, the company has manufactured micro-scale devices for the microelectronics, sensor, microfluidics, medical device, consumer products, and education markets.

Potomac President and CEO, Mike Adelstein, says, “Now, we are further building our commitment to Potomac customers by expanding our 3D Printing service capabilities.   John Ford, Potomac Photonics Engineer recently completed a comprehensive 3D Systems Factory Training on key 3D Printers in the ProJet product line, giving us in-house advanced expertise in the repair and maintenance of 3D Systems equipment.”

Just as for any machine tool on the factory floor, preventative maintenance is important for optimal performance of 3D Printers.   Similar to servicing a car or truck, maintenance programs from factory-trained service technicians can improve reliability, extend the life of a machine, and ensure that print parameters are consistent.

Mr. Adelstein elaborates that “Business today cannot afford downtime so it’s more important than ever to be confident that a re-seller can provide quick, efficient service support. Potomac is now better equipped than ever to do just that!”

“It was an intense, hands-on week-long training,” noted Mr. Ford.  “The level of expertise from a factory-trained technician far exceeds the basic service instructions any manufacturer is able to provide for customers and we’re working with these 3D Printers every day!”

To learn how you can save time and money by keeping 3D Systems printers up and running with optimal performance, contact Potomac about our service programs.