Digital Manufacturing Firm Potomac Photonics Moves to Baltimore County

Towson, Maryland – (April 22, 2014)  Potomac Photonics, a digital manufacturing firm specializing in micro technologies for the bio tech and medical device industries, has moved to Baltimore County. The company’s headquarters, research and development, and digital fabrication production facilities are now in a 9,000-square-foot space at the [email protected] Research and Technology Park.

“Potomac Photonics is a great addition to Baltimore County’s tech community. Their engineers and skilled production team are advancing digital manufacturing and contributing to a revolution in medical treatment and diagnosis,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. “Baltimore County’s tremendous pipeline of university talent will be a huge asset as the company grows.”

Technologies to Detect Concussions, Localize Radiation Treatment

Potomac Photonics’ work is on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology, using lasers, 3D printing and other digital technologies to manufacture devices and parts at the molecular level for pharmaceutical testing, medical treatment and other uses.

The company has manufactured parts for microfluidic chips that can detect concussions. The company also developed an advanced fabrication process to machine extremely small features in suture-like material that delivers radiation treatment precisely to a localized area of the body, eliminating unnecessary destruction of healthy cells.

County a ‘Tech-Centric Area’

“Baltimore County and UMBC offer us a tech-centric area with a great engineering community,” said Potomac Photonics President and CEO Mike Adelstein. “We see great opportunities for professors to help us collaborate and develop new technologies with our company and our customers.”

Potomac Photonics currently employs 20 people, including engineers and technicians. They expect to be hiring additional workers at all levels.

“We are delighted that Potomac Photonics has joined the [email protected] community. In addition to welcoming home President and CEO Mike Adelstein, a UMBC alumnus, we look forward to partnering with the company as it expands and builds deeper connections with UMBC students and faculty,” said UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski.

The company’s Potomac Digital Fabrication Center (Fab Lab) is the third university-related 3D fabrication lab in the County, joining the CCBC Fab Lab and Towson University Object Lab.

“We welcome Potomac Photonics to the UMBC and Baltimore County business community,” said Councilman Tom Quirk. “They add their talents and entrepreneurial spirit to the vibrant research and technology center at UMBC.”

Source:  Baltimore County Government: