• Potomac Photonics
  • April 13, 2023

Revolutionizing Leak Testing / Container Closure Integrity (CCIT) with Potomac Photonics’ Rapid Turnaround Hole Drilling Capabilites

Revolutionizing Leak Testing / Container Closure Integrity (CCIT) with Potomac Photonics’ Rapid Turnaround Hole Drilling Capabilites

Leak Test Calibration Holes

Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) is crucial for ensuring the sterility and safety of packaging in pharmaceutical and other critical industries. Potomac Photonics, a leader in the field, offers rapid turnaround leak testing services to meet this growing demand. By leveraging their expertise in laser drilling and advanced micromachining systems, Potomac Photonics provides precision-calibrated leaks for CCIT purposes in a wide range of materials, including challenging ones such as glass and plastics. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and applications of Potomac Photonics’ services in the world of CCI testing.

Potomac Photonics’ Advanced Laser Micromachining Systems

Potomac Photonics houses numerous laser micromachining systems specifically designed and built to process a wide range of materials. This advanced capability makes Potomac Photonics a go-to solution provider for organizations seeking accurate and reliable CCIT services. They can drill micro holes ranging from 2µm to 100µm (and larger) in various types of drug containers and container closure systems, including glass vials, glass ampoules, plastic vials, blister packs, IV bags, intravenous pouches, and more.

Versatile Drilling Solutions for Different Package Locations

Potomac Photonics’ laser systems are able to drill in different locations within a package, such as the neck, body, or bottom of a vial. This level of versatility ensures that organizations can achieve the most accurate and reliable CCI testing results possible.

Precision Pin Holes and Calibrated Leaks in Various Metals

CCIT Small Hole Drilling

In addition to drilling holes in glass and plastic containers, Potomac Photonics also provides precision pinholes or calibrated leaks in various metals. These are precision-drilled discs that can be easily affixed to container closure systems such as blister packs, vials, and plastic packs, covering a larger, less precise hole that exists in the pack or container. This additional service further enhances Potomac Photonics’ offerings in the realm of CCIT.

Why Choose Potomac Photonics?

Precision: The company’s laser drilling technology and advanced micromachining systems ensure that leaks are created with the utmost accuracy, allowing for reliable and consistent CCIT results.

Flexibility: Potomac Photonics can drill holes in a wide range of packaging containers, materials, and locations, making their services versatile and suitable for various industries.Customization: The ability to cater to specific customer requests ensures that Potomac Photonics can provide tailored solutions that meet unique CCIT requirements.

Potomac Photonics has an impressive history of drilling millions of parts, showcasing their vast experience and commitment to delivering high-quality leak testing solutions. Moreover, the company is ISO 13485:2016 certified, which demonstrates their dedication to meeting the rigorous standards of the medical device industry. With every order, Potomac Photonics provides a Certificate of Conformance, giving customers peace of mind and assurance in the quality of their services.

Unbeatable Price Match Guarantee and Fast Turnaround Times

Potomac Photonics not only offers exceptional leak testing services but also backs their offerings with a price match guarantee, ensuring customers receive the best value for their investment. In addition, the company boasts an impressive turnaround time, completing some projects in a week or less. This swift service allows organizations to minimize downtime and maintain efficient operations.


Potomac Photonics is a leading provider of rapid turnaround leak testing services, offering cutting-edge laser drilling technology and advanced micromachining systems to support CCIT in the pharmaceutical and other critical packaging industries. By delivering precise, flexible, and customized solutions, Potomac Photonics ensures that organizations can maintain the highest levels of quality and safety in their container closure systems.

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