Laser News

Potomac Photonics Manufactures Weapons in the Fight Against Cancer

Potomac Photonics continues to be on the front line in the fight against cancer by providing a broad range of manufacturing technologies necessary to build new weapons in the fight against cancer.  In the last 12 months, Potomac has partnered with multiple companies and universities to help them develop and manufacture parts that are being ... read more

Manufacturing the Future Seminars with 3D Printing 2.0 at Potomac Photonics

March 7, 2014; Baltimore, MD:  Potomac Photonics, a leading digital fabrication service provider, announces a series of complimentary 3D Printing 2.0 seminars at our new facility located at [email protected] Research and Development Park in Baltimore. The seminars will demonstrate how new 3D Printers from 3D Systems are extending the capabilities of what many are calling ... read more

Technology Update: Potomac – UMBC Rapid Fabrication of Microfludic Devices

Potomac – UMBC Collaboration to develop novel manufacturing techniques for microfluidic devices shows early, promising results. Microfluidics is the science of designing, manufacturing, and developing devices and processes that deal with extremely small volumes of fluid for many types of applications, including sensing, drug discovery, alternative energy, and point-of-care diagnostics. Testing and analysis processes, that ... read more

Technology Showcase: Integrating 3D Printing & Laser Micromachining to Manufacture Microfluidic Devices

Sometimes at Potomac the real power comes when we can combine technologies to solve our customers’ tough manufacturing challenges.  In recent years, we’ve added high resolution 3D Printing to our factory toolkit of fabrication machines like laser cutting and marking, micro-CNC machining, and micro hole drilling.  Alone, each of these machines is a powerful tool, ... read more

Technology Showcase: Microfluidic Fabrication News

Over the past few years, Potomac Photonics and Potomac MesoSystems have been developing new techniques for building highly miniaturized electronic systems in which the smallest surface mount electronic components are embedded in a thermoset epoxy block and interconnected with fine-feature nanoparticle silver conductors.  With support from the National Science Foundation (SBIR PhII Grant 1058133) we’ve ... read more

Potomac Photonics Adds Hot Embossing to Digital Fabrication Contract Services

The addition of state-of-the-art hot embossing equipment will allow Potomac Photonics to make high precision parts at a fraction of the cost of other methods. December 9, 2013; Lanham, MD:  Digital Fabrication industry leader Potomac Photonics, Inc. announces the addition of new hot embossing technology to expand their contract service capabilities. By adding state-of-the-art hot ... read more

Digital Fabrication Pioneer Potomac Photonics Expands to New Facility at [email protected]

The move will put Potomac Photonics in a tech-centric community with access to expanded facilities, collaboration with faculty, and access to student talent. Baltimore, MD:  Digital Fabrication pioneer Potomac Photonics announces expansion to the [email protected] center in Baltimore, Maryland.  The leader in laser micromachining, 3D Printing, micro hole drilling, micro CNC and other manufacturing technologies ... read more