Custom Microfluidics


Custom Microfluidics

Custom Microfluidics

Project Description:  Customer required quick turnaround of custom microfluidic parts in polystyrene material.  Parts which will be used for medical diagnostic applicaiton have extremely tight tolerances in terms of feature sizes and depths.

Solution:  Potomac is uniquely qualified to manufacture complex custom microfluidic chips within 24-48 hours of receiving a drawing.  Utilizing a broad range of micro manufacturing technologies, Potomac can fabricate a mold, replicate the parts, bond cover slips, and drill port holes quickly and cost-effectively.  For this particular application,  Potomac laser machined a master mold with feature dimensions as small as 50 microns.  The mold was used to hot emboss 50 microfluidic devices in polystyrene.  The surface of the device was treated and a cover was bonded to it utilizing low temperature thermal bonding.  Finally, very small holes were drilled through the part to create fluidic ports.   Flow and leak testing was performed prior to shipment to ensure the parts met specification.

Project Notes:

– In addition to polystyrene, microfluidic devices can be fabricated in other polymers including PMMA and COC.

– Features as small as 5-10 microns can achieved.

– Design changes can be easily implemented via software.

– Once a project moves to higher volume, Potomac has in-house capability to ramp up production.