Stainless Steel

Potomac Photonics can machine extremely small and precise features in all types of stainless steel materials and thicknesses.

Stainless steels are defined as iron based alloys that contain at least 10.5% chromium. The thin but dense chromium oxide film which forms on the surface of a stainless steel provides corrosion resistance and prevents further oxidation. There are five types of stainless steel that will differ depending on the other alloying additions being present, and they range from fully austenitic to fully ferritic.

Applications include:

  • Laser Microcutting of Stainless Steel
  • Laser Hole Drilling in Stainless Steel
  • Welding of Stainless Steel Components
  • Stainless Steel CNC Machining

There are many factors that determine the appropriate machining technology to use when fabricating parts in stainless steel.  Most critical among these factors are the thickness of the part, the desired feature sizes, and the cut quality requirements.  Our Engineering Team works closely with our clients to carefully understand their requirements so that the best manufacturing solution is chosen for the job.

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