Micromachining Metals

Laser Micromachining Metals Laser Micromachining of Stainless Steel, Copper, Nitinol, Tantalum, Gold, Aluminum and other metal materials. Lasers can be a very efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process to micromachine any type of metal.

  • Laser Micromachining of Titanium Mask.

    Micromachining Metals – Titanium Mask.

    Type of metal being micromachined, reflectivity of material, and feature size desired are the most critical factors in determining optimal laser source to use.

  • The laser beam is absorbed into the surface of the material, and the energy of the laser is converted to heat which vaporizes or melts the metal material.
  • A gas or fluid assist is often utilized to improve the cut quality, expel molten metal, and minimize the Heat Affect Zone (HAZ).
  • IR lasers are typically the first choice to laser micromachine metals from a quality and cost perspective.
  • When features less than 10 microns are required, the UV laser may be a good alternative to the IR, assuming  the metal thickness is less than 0.003″
  • Intricate and complex features can be cut on both flat and tubular metal substrates utilizing high precision multi-axis motion systems.
  • Precision parts for Energy Harvesting Application

    Micromachining Metals –  Energy Harvesting Application

    Potomac has experience laser micromachining almost every type of metal material including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, gold, silver and others.  All grades of stainless steel can be laser micromachined including 304, 316 others.

  • Potomac can offer expedited Micromachining Metals services with lead times as short as 24-48 hours.