3D Printing Contract Services

3D Printing Complex Shapes and Geometries.

3D Printing of Complex Shapes and Geometries.

Adding 3D Printing to your traditional manufacturing processes is no small feat. By relying upon Potomac’s extensive expertise in additive manufacturing such as 3D Printing, you can quickly and easily make the transition to the next industrial revolution! Potomac can provide:

  • Product Design Assistance

3D Printing offers unique capabilities that allow engineers and designers to completely re-think form and function. Rather than simply transfer a subtractive manufacturing CAD file to the 3D Printer we can show you how innovative designs can save time and cost when using 3D Printing’s ability to generate complex geometries.

  • Wide range of materials

Working with our 3D Printing partners, Potomac can micro-3D Print a wide range of materials including those required by the FDA as bio-compatible for medical devices. 3D Printing is also possible in plastics such as ABS or PLA, nylon, acrylics, metals and ceramics.

  • 3D Printed Micro UMBC

    3D Printed Micro Map of UMBC

    Prototyping Services

As mentioned in our “What is 3D Printing?” section, prototyping is one of the natural applications for 3D Printing. The technology produces functional models with quick turnaround that can be tested and then modified with a simple CAD file change. Potomac can work with you to iteratively produce rapid prototypes, getting your new product on the market with efficiency and cost savings, as well as optimal performance characteristics.

  • Production Manufacturing

3D Printing is gaining in speed and quality to rival the best traditional manufacturing processes. Especially for small batch production where designs change or for mass customization, 3D Printing shines in the production arena.


Micro Dragon

Micro Dragon