Miniature Production


Miniature Parts Handling

Miniature Part Handling

Potomac has decades of experience in fixturing and handling of miniature parts. Whether it’s vacuum chucks for foils, micro-collets and stabilizers for miniature tubing, linear positioning equipment with submicron resolution, rotation stages with high precision, pick-and-place transfer of submillimeter parts, or ambient gas control, Potomac has worked with it all.

Miniature Systems Assembly

Miniature Parts Assembly

Miniature Parts Assembly

Our expertise in precision fabrication, handling and joining of miniature parts, allows us to assemble complex miniature electronic and mechanical subsystems. Components in these assemblies often have submillimeter dimensions and must be arranged with tolerances smaller than a human hair. In the electronics area we work with the smallest of surface mount components. And if you can inspect a mechanical assembly with a caliper and the naked eye, we probably didn’t make it.