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QR Code Laser Marking

Quick Response [QR] Codes are new 2-D bar codes that are read using free, widely available reader apps on SmartPhone platforms including the Apple iPhone and iPad, RIM Blackberry, and Android Phones.

The QR Code can link to a URL address such as a corporate web site, a shopping cart, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn Profile, a contact page, a Twitter profile, a YouTube video or any other page you choose.

 Companies in the medical device, sensor, MEMS, electronics, industrial, consumer product and advertising specialties markets are finding new ways to quickly get information to customers, all while being ensured the information is up to the minute and accurate.

Unlike printed marketing communications, you don’t have to worry about stock levels, where materials are kept, whether or not the customer will lose the printed piece, or worse yet, if they toss it! Once customers read the QR Codes with their SmartPhone, your message is right in a file on their phone!  If you link to a URL, you have the added advantage of the information being up to the minute!

Potomac’s laser coding and marking systems are able to mark virtually any material, including anodized metals, stainless steel, copper, plastics, glass, and even diamond.  The laser marks are crisp and clean with no charring or burning of the underlying material.  Laser marking is also possible on curved surfaces with no loss of clarity.

Most impressive is Potomac’s ability to mark micro QR codes for miniature devices or as part of a discrete anti-counterfeiting program.  Laser marking is totally green as there are no inks or solvents required in any aspect of the process.  Further, laser marking is indelible even on the hardest materials like glass or diamond.

With specialized laser marking software, Potomac can directly laser-etch QR Codes onto products made of almost any material.  While these 2-D bar codes may seem simple to laser mark, creating codes that can be read across SmartPhone platforms is key to successful use of a QR Code in any product.