Laser Marking

The power of 2-D code formats is just being realized. Clever applications of new QR Codes on marketing materials such as ads or brochures are driven by the ease of linking complex information directly to a smart phone just by scanning a QR Code.


Microfluidics – Multi-Layer Devices

Multi-layer microfluidic devices are easily prototyped at low cost utilizing Potomac’s digital fabrication toolbox that combines both new and exiting manufacturing technologies.


Potomac Proving Ground

Fabrication of Pre-Prototyping Parts in as fast as 24 hours. Not ready for actual parts but want to test a theory or design….. The Potomac Proving Ground is perfect place to start. Potomac has set-up two prototyping work stations that are dedicated for rapid turnaround of Kapton (polyimide) and thin stainless steel parts. If you …


Precision Laser Cutting

Potomac uses laser ablation processes to produce fine-feature cutting and drilling at scale sizes below those that can be achieved mechanically while optimizing processing for polymers, metals, ceramics, and glass. Process speed and quality is optimized by matching the laser wavelength to the substrate material.

Leak Test Vials

Leak Test Hole Drilling

Potomac is able to laser drill micro-holes into glass and polymer vials/ampules for the purpose of leak test hole system validation. A range of hole sizes can be created in order to replicate defects in vials for use when calibrating leak detection devices. Depending upon the wall thickness of the vial/ampule, hole sizes can be …


Small Hole Drilling

If you are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to get small holes drilled in almost any substrate, you have come to the right place. Holes as small as 1 micron can be drilled in almost any substrate.


Probe Cards

Micro-Hole drilling for probe card applications is achievable in a variety of materials such as Silicon Nitride, Polyimide, Ultem and others.  Micro-Holes as small as 2 microns can be laser drilled with very tight positional tolerances over large areas.  Depending on the desired thickness of the material, controlled tapered micro-holes can be drilled to exact …


Invisible Hole Backlighting Applications

Micro hole drilling with accuracy, high resolution and precision for invisible hole backlighting display manufacturing


Welding & Bonding

Laser micro-welding provides a means for joining of a wide range of metal and organic materials. Potomac often utilizes its pulsed infrared lasers in welding of metals and thermoplastics.


Laser Cutting of Dupont Kapton Polyimide

For over 30-years, Potomac Photonics has micromachined Kapton polyimide films and has developed an expertise that is second to none for fabricating complex and simple parts alike on a prototyping or production basis.


Miniature Production

Potomac has decades of experience in fixturing and handling of miniature parts. Whether it’s vacuum chucks for foils, micro-collets and stabilizers for miniature tubing, linear positioning equipment with submicron resolution, rotation stages with high precision, pick-and-place transfer of submillimeter parts, or ambient gas control, Potomac has worked with it all.


Laser Patterning of Metal Coatings

Careful choice of laser process parameters allows shallow marking of almost any substrate material or controlled removal of surface coatings with micron precision. Best results are achieved when the laser wavelength and pulse duration are chosen to provide a strong interaction with the material to be removed.  In many cases laser removal and patterning of surface …