• Potomac Photonics
  • October 09, 2018

Working with the Maryland Department of Commerce to keep “Maryland Open For Business”

Working with the Maryland Department of Commerce to keep “Maryland Open For Business”

Maryland Secretary of Commerce Mike Gill and Potomac CEO Mike Adelstein

Potomac is honored that just in time for the 2018 Manufacturing Day, Maryland Secretary of Commerce Mike Gill visited our Baltimore County facility for a tour of our advanced manufacturing facility.  As the state’s primary economic development agency, the Maryland Department of Commerce stimulates private investment and creates jobs by attracting new businesses, encouraging the expansion and retention of existing companies, and providing workforce training and financial assistance to Maryland companies. It is an important government agency that fosters public-private partnerships to build a strong future for our citizens, especially our young people.

Secretary Mike Gill is uniquely qualified to lead the agency since in addition to his role as a public servant, he is also an accomplished business leader with four decades of experience as an entrepreneur, a technology executive, and an investment banker. He clearly understands what it takes to start, grow and sustain a business, allowing him to guide the most effective programs for Maryland businesses.

Potomac Photonics home in Baltimore County

Potomac has been located in Maryland since it’s inception, when we earned a spot in the University of Maryland College Park Incubator.  In more recent years, we relocated to the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s [UMBC] BWtech South Research Park in order to tap the enormous talent pool being developed in the school’s science and engineering programs.  We have active internship programs with UMBC, as well as with other schools in the area including the Community College of Baltimore County and the Maryland Institute College of Art.  Says Potomac President and CEO Mike Adelstein: “Any company is only as good as their people, and we are especially lucky to be in close proximity to UMBC which has been built into a science and engineering powerhouse by President Hrabowski.”

Advanced manufacturing is especially important to the people of Maryland.  Recent studies in Baltimore have shown that jobs utilizing Science-Technology-Engineering-Math or STEM skills provide as much as 63% higher wages than jobs with similar levels of education.  Operators and technicians with 2-year degrees or less are the backbone of our contract manufacturing capabilities including 3D Printing, laser cutting and welding, CNC machining and CAD design.  Combined with our engineers and quality control experts, the Potomac staff on a daily basis manufactures parts for the medical device, biotech, microelectronics, and consumer products industries. In addition, Potomac’s diverse capabilities allow us to fabricate fully integrated Microfluidics devices for a wide range of industries.

Secretary Gill has said, “We can’t be great unless we work together as a team to grow Maryland into a stronger, healthier State.”   It is through teamwork between the State and our innovative companies that we can say Maryland is “Open for Business.” 



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