November 04, 2015.

When to Choose Laser Micromachining Part 3: Creating Holes, Cuts and Features with Smooth Surfaces

At Potomac innovation is not just another buzzword.  Everyone, from our engineers to the operators on the shop floor, is continually looking for new ways to push the limits of standard laser micromachining technology.  Almost perfectly smooth parts have been one of the manufacturing technology quests Potomac has successfully conquered through in-house manufacturing process innovation. ...

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October 20, 2015.

When to Choose Laser Micromachining Part 2: Pushing the Limits of Small

When we need to make very small holes, cuts, lines and features laser micromachining is usually the best choice in our digital fabrication toolbox. Lasers that emit light in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum are especially useful in biotech and medical device applications since they can create features as small as 1 micron – ...

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October 14, 2015.

When to Choose Laser Micromachining Part 1: Material Absorption of Laser Wavelength

All material processing starts, of course, with the material.  Laser micromachining is a good option for manufacturing parts since materials absorb light resulting in a physical transformation of the material’s structure.  Whether it’s a thermal process as with infrared lasers or the ultraviolet lasers’ photo-ablative mechanism, laser light can drill holes, cut, weld, and mark ...

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September 08, 2015.

3D Printing, the Orioles, and Making Wishes Come True

In recent years Potomac has added 3D Printing to our Digital Fabrication toolkit, integrating the additive manufacturing process with laser micromachining, micro CNC machining and other technologies to solve complex manufacturing problems.   We’re pushing the envelope of 3D printing limitations especially in the medical device and biotech fields.  But sometimes it’s the simplest of applications ...

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August 27, 2015.

Laser Marking an Historic H-3 Helicopter Rotor Blade

Laser marking Creates Remembrance for Marine Corp Veteran Potomac has had a long history working with U.S. government agencies over the years.  Our first R&D funding came from the Small Business Innovation Research program that supported our UV laser and Laser micromachining development with grants from DARPA, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the ...

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August 19, 2015.

Potomac Collaboration with Fab Lab at the Community College of Baltimore County Proves to Be A Win-Win Public-Private Partnership

How we helped Fab Lab Baltimore and in the process gained valuable workforce development. Potomac’s move to the UMBC campus has reaped a number of benefits for Potomac, one of which was most unexpected.  The new facility is located about a mile from the Community College of Baltimore County [CCBC] where Fab Lab Baltimore [FLB] ...

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July 13, 2015.

Potomac Photonics’ Economical Device Fabrication Expedites Stanford Microfluidics Research

Stanford researchers find the flexibility and affordability of the Fast Track program the right fit for R&D in biotech microfluidics project. July 9, 2015; Baltimore, MD:  Fast Track, recently introduced by Potomac Photonics specifically for affordable microfluidics device fabrication, has expedited research to advance biotech applications in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford ...

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