December 28, 2016.

Innovation Expands Advanced Manufacturing in 2017

Another year has quickly passed and 2017 will soon be upon us bringing new opportunities and challenges in advanced manufacturing.  It’s an exciting time to be working in a field where innovation is changing the factory floor.  At Potomac, we like to say, “This isn’t your father’s manufacturing”! From 3D Printing to artificial intelligence, the ...

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November 23, 2016.

Giving Thanks for the People Who Contribute to Potomac Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing

Giving Thanks for the People Who Contribute to Potomac Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing Thanksgiving is a time to pause and appreciate the special aspects of our lives.  Despite the recent contentious election, we at Potomac believe there is much for which to be thankful in this great country that leads the world in innovation. Of ...

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November 01, 2016.

Manufacturing is Alive & Well at the AME Annual Conference

Last week over 2,000 professionals proved that manufacturing is alive and well in the USA at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) annual conference in Dallas.  A Potomac team member was invited to speak on the environmental aspects of 3D Printing and we were thrilled to see companies large and small embracing new digital fabrication ...

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October 07, 2016.

Potomac Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2016

Manufacturing Day 2016 is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing.  Coordinated events throughout the country are meant to inspire the next generation of engineers, inventors, operators and technicians and show how innovation and entrepreneurship in manufacturing are impacting our world. Although Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday in October—this year it’s on Oct ...

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September 29, 2016.

Potomac Video Series: Laser Micromachining Fixtures

At Potomac, laser micromachining is a key process we utilize to manufacture high precision parts for the biotech, medical device, microelectronics and consumer products industries.  As we described in our series When to choose Laser Micromachining, ultraviolet laser processing can produce micron-level features with little or no thermal damage in a wide variety of materials.  ...

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September 20, 2016.

Johns Hopkins University Joins the List of Distinguished Organizations and Institutes That Have Partnered with Potomac Photonics for Rapid, Cost-Effective Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices

Potomac is excited to work on increasingly innovative applications of microfluidics technology as we push the envelope of advanced manufacturing capabilities.  These so-called “Lab on a Chip” devices have miniaturized diagnostics to a point where affordable testing allows for highly specific research.  For example, a team in the Gerecht Lab in the Dept. of Chemical ...

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September 02, 2016.

Potomac’s Skilled Staff Takes You Behind the Scenes at Our Factory of the Future

With Labor Day approaching it’s a great time to celebrate the advanced manufacturing contributions our skilled staff make to the many biotech, medical devices, microfluidics, displays, microelectronics and other products that impact the lives of so many.  In honor of our fabricators on the factory floor, we’re launching a video series featuring the elements of ...

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August 29, 2016.

Invisible Hole Backlighting

The latest entry in Specialty Applications section on our website updates our laser micromachining work to help develop invisible hole backlighting applications.  Our customers in automotive, aerospace, medical equipment and computer products that utilize user-friendly displays, are finding that data overload is creating a dangerous situation for operators.  Control panels are becoming confusing and distracting…a bad combination ...

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July 26, 2016.

Potomac in the News: Baltimore Sun and Manufacturing Talk Radio Features Micro-manufacturing and the Factory of the Future

Potomac Photonics greatly appreciates when our innovations in advanced manufacturing and workforce development are recognized.  Recently, two media outlets talked with our President and CEO Mike Adelstein, as well as our staff, to explain our unique 21st century approach to the factory floor.   Baltimore Sun: micro-manufacturing company doesn’t sweat the small stuff   When ...

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