July 26, 2016.

Potomac in the News: Baltimore Sun and Manufacturing Talk Radio Features Micro-manufacturing and the Factory of the Future

Potomac Photonics greatly appreciates when our innovations in advanced manufacturing and workforce development are recognized.  Recently, two media outlets talked with our President and CEO Mike Adelstein, as well as our staff, to explain our unique 21st century approach to the factory floor.   Baltimore Sun: micro-manufacturing company doesn’t sweat the small stuff   When ...

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July 07, 2016.

CEO Mike Adelstein Credits Partnerships in Baltimore Area for Potomac Photonics’ Success

In a recent interview on Baltimore NPR station WYPR, Potomac President and CEO, Mike Adelstein, explained how partnerships with organizations in the Baltimore area have contributed to our success.   Creating the Jobs of the FutureMike emphasized that our working relationships with both educational institutions and informal making programs have helped us train workers here ...

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June 30, 2016.

Baltimore County Partnership Helps Potomac Change the World

Potomac is thrilled to have recently been featured on a new video from Baltimore County, highlighting recipients of the government-sponsored Boost Fund.  The flexible loan program is designed to help small businesses in growth industries by providing capital in order to increase employment in the County. But of course, our work in advanced manufacturing that ...

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June 21, 2016.

President Obama Proclaims National Week of Making

Starting June 17, we’re excited that the White House is celebrating a National Week of Making throughout the country.  From schools to fab labs and makerspaces, manufacturing plants to tech centers, and universities to after-school programs, special events are taking place to share the power making brings to our lives. President Barack Obama has had ...

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June 02, 2016.

Potomac’s Affordable Microfluidic Device Rapid Prototyping Helps Windgap Medical Bring New Product to Market

At Potomac, we find that helping startups prototype and manufacture new designs in order to bring groundbreaking products to market is especially rewarding work.  Our advanced manufacturing collaborations with innovators stretch our capabilities and challenge our own solution-solving skills.  Windgap Medical is one such startup with an intriguing product that solves a number of problems ...

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Windgap Medical Auto- injector
May 25, 2016.

New Potomac R&D Notebook Sheds Light on Internal Programs for Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Advanced manufacturing services involve more than just feeding CAD files into a 3D Printer, laser micromachining workstation or micro CNC machine.  To best service our customers in the biotech, medical device and microfluidics industries, Potomac has had to stay at the leading edge of new technologies, pushing the digital fabrication envelope through internal R&D programs.  ...

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May 05, 2016.

Helping the New Jersey Institute of Technology with New Microfluidics Techniques for Analysis and Personalized Medicine

Microfluidics is a fast-moving field on many levels, and we’re seeing new, innovative techniques being developed to fabricate devices that will impact chemical analysis, personalized medicine and pharmaceuticals. Dr. Sagnik Basuray’s group in the Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is working to expand how we think ...

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April 20, 2016.

Precision Laser Micromachining to Help Launch a Polytechnique Montréal CubeSat into Space

At Potomac we’re used to seeing some of the most interesting – and challenging – miniaturization projects on the planet.  Recently we helped a Canadian university group miniaturizing for a space application. Polytechnique Montréal is competing in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) and we were able to help laser micromachine micro holes for their ...

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Micro hole drilling in stainless steel
April 07, 2016.

R&D Notebook: Multi-Layer Microfluidic Devices

Biomedical applications have been the most challenging and exciting field for microfluidics, i.e. very small volumes of liquid flowing through channels ranging from tiny capillaries to 1 mm “pipelines”. Development of new drugs, genetic studies, point-of-care diagnostics, and fast analysis of air and water for presence of toxins and pathogens are just a few of ...

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