Laser News

Potomac Photonics announces FAST TRACK Program to Fabricate Custom Microfluidic Devices

February 24, 2015; Baltimore, MD: Potomac Photonics, a leader in micro-fabrication for the medical device and biotech industries, announces FAST TRACK, a new manufacturing process to quickly and economically build complete custom microfluidic devices. From a .DFX format CAD drawing, Potomac can generate and precisely replicate channel designs in a polymer substrate, laser micro-machine vias ... read more

Excimer Laser Pioneer Adds UV Laser Micromachining Contract Service Capabilities

January 15, 2015; Baltimore, MD: Potomac Photonics, a pioneer in the R&D and manufacture of excimer lasers for the medical device and biotech industries, recently tapped Coherent to increase the number of ultraviolet lasers in the company’s micromachining contract service production facility. Potomac’s digital fabrication center at bwtech@umbc includes lasers from the infrared to the ... read more

Potomac Serves as Program Chair for Interactive DigiFabCon

Exploring the Impact of 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication Technologies on the World as We Know It October 20, 2014; Baltimore, MD: Potomac Photonics has been tapped to serve as the Program Chair for the annual DigiFabCon. The interactive Digital Fabrication Conference will come to the Maritime Conference Center in Baltimore, MD on November 17, ... read more

Potomac Awarded $100,000 Maryland Industrial Partnership Grant to Increase Microfluidic Device Production

Potomac in partnership with UMBC is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Maryland Industrial Partnership [MIPS] to enhance manufacturing capacity of innovative hot embossed microfluidic devices. In addition, as part of the agreement, we will make cash and in-kind contributions of labor, equipment, and supplies.  The MIPS program ... read more

Digital Fabrication Service Provider Potomac Photonics Expands Website with 3D Printing Section

3D Systems 3D Printer Re-seller & 3D Printing Contract Service Provider Adds Technical Information, Application Guidance and Equipment Details in Interactive Online Resource Potomac Photonics, Inc., a Micro Digital Fabrication company based at the bwtech@umbc research and technology park in Baltimore, Maryland, has expanded its website to reflect increased focus on new additive manufacturing activities. ... read more

Potomac Photonics Micro-3D Prints Map of UMBC 4,000x Smaller than the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus

July 1, 2014, Baltimore, MD: Potomac Photonics, an industry leader in micro Digital Fabrication including 3D Printing, has 3D printed a tiny map of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County [UMBC] Campus at 1/4,000 of its original full scale. Potomac used a model generated by aerial robotic photography for the digital source of the 3D ... read more